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Flux- Cored Wire Machines

Flux Cored Wire Machines

Flux Cored Wire Machines

The fabrication of a Flux Cored Electrode begins by slitting coiled sheet steel into strips. The strips are passed through rollers that form it into a U-shaped cross-section. In the same operation, the formed strip is filled with a measured amount of core ingredients. The U-shaped strip is passed through closing rolls, forming it into a tube and tightly compressing the granular core material.

The tube is then passed through drawing dies that reduce the diameter and compress the core ingredients to prevent any movement within the tube.

Equipment Required :

Rewinding line composed of :Forming and Pre Drawing Line Composed of :Redrawing Line Composed of :Layer Rewinding Line composed of :Flux Core Wire Advantages :
The Flux Cored Wire (FCW) offers many advantages, including excellent weld metal quality, high deposition rates, and ease of operation. Labour and overhead are the most expensive factors in any welding operation, usually comprising 80 to 85 percent of the total cost. Welding with high deposition FCW electrodes provides an immediate means of cost reduction without a major investment in specialized equipment.

Wire Coiler Packing Machine

Wire Coiler Packing Machine

We are leading manufacturers of the Wire Coiler Packing Machine.

Product Range:-

Model No.AML WR-400AML WR-500AML WR-800
Metal width< 400 mm< 500mm< 800mm
Metal OD< 1500 mm< 1600 mm< 1800mm
Metal ID> 508mm> 508mm> 508mm
Packing materialW:90mm ID:54mm OD: 600mmW:90mm ID:54mm OD: 600mmW:90mm ID:54mm OD: 600mm
Roller Speed2.5m/min2.5m/min2.5m/min
Rotating Speed50r/min50r/min30r/min
Roller loading3000 Kg4000 Kg8000 Kg
Power output7.5 HP10 HP15 HP
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Purpose of Requirement:

Reselling End Use Raw Material


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